Omicron Cases In India, State-wise Active Cases, Recovered & Deaths

Our country is suffering from the ongoing third wave of CoronaVirus. Last year, in November 2021, a new deadly variant of COVID-19 was identified in South Africa, then all the countries of all over the world had been preparing for the outbreak of the same, in order to know the data of Omicron Cases In India you just have to keep reading this article, so be with us till the end and know all about it.

Omicron Cases In India

Update: As of 17 January 2022, India has reported 7,743 cases of Omicron, more details regarding it are mentioned below.

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Amid the fear of new deadly variant of CoronaVirus, citizens are again confined to their homes and work again goes back to work from home mode, The World Health Organisation has put the new variant of COVID-19 as a variant of concern, before it, four other variants have also been put into this category, these four are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Second wave of CoronaVirus has been came in Indian just because the outbreak of Delta variant, you must aware of the fact that how horrific the scenes were at that time, manys have losted their family, friend and their loved once.

Country India
Virus CoronaVirus / COVID-19
Variant Omicron
Variant Type  Variant of Concern
Total Cases Mentioned Above
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The country is again in fear that the same won’t repeated again, third wave of CoronaVirus is not because of Omicron, as of 13 January 2022, India has reported only 5,488 cases of Omicron, out of the total reported cases 2,162 cases has been discharged or recovered and 3,326 cases are still active. Most of the Omicron cases are from Maharashtra, then from Rajasthan, Delhi and others.

At present time India is reporting more than 2.5 lakh cases daily and the horrific thing is that the case graph is going up and up.

Let’s have a look into State-wise Omicron cases in India, as of 13 January 2022. Latest data will be updated soon.

State / UT Omicron Cases

(As on 13 January 2022, 09:22 AM IST)

Active Recovered / Discharged Total Reported
Maharashtra 633 734 1368
Rajasthan 228 510 0792
Delhi 492 057 0549
Kerala 346 140 0486
Karnataka 463 026 0479
West Bengal 284 010 0294
Uttar Pradesh 269 006 0275
Telangana 213 047 0260
Gujarat 050 186 0236
Tamil Nadu 000 185 0185
Odisha 161 008 0169
Haryana 016 146 0162
Andhra Pradesh 052 009 0061
Meghalaya 015 016 0031
Punjab 011 016 0027
Bihar 027 000 0027
Jammu & Kashmir 017 006 0023
Goa 002 019 0021
Madya Pradesh 000 010 0010
Assam 000 009 0009
Uttarakhand 000 008 0008
Chattisgarh 000 005 0005
Chandigarh 000 003 0003
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 003 000 0003
Puducherry 000 002 0002
Ladakh 000 002 0002
Manipur 000 001 0001
Himachal Pradesh 000 001 0001
Total 3326 2162 5488

Omicron Precaution

To be protected from the deadly variant of omicron an individual as well as government has been requested to follow the Standard Operating Protocols of COVID-19, the World Health Organisation has asked everyone to wear a mask and have a proper social distance, you are aware of the fact the omicron has not yet breakout, but nothing can’t be said about it that what will happen in future.

You are seeing the scenario of CoronaVirus cases that what is happening, India is going to report more than 3 lakh cases of COVID-19 very soon, every individual needs to be safe from, because an individual’s life isn’t only his/his manys emotions attached to him/her. So, be safe by adopting all the precautions of COVID-19.

The third wave of COVID-19 can be more horrific than the second one, and the Government doesn’t want this to happen. To protect the citizens, the government has launched a free vaccination scheme for 15 years to senior citizens. Don’t be late in jabbing the vaccination, taking vaccination can save one’s life because it increases the immunity against the CoronaVirus.

Note: Whoever has not yet taken the vaccine can register the vaccine slot for himself/herself through the Co-WIN Portal i.e.

We hope that after reading this article you have gotten detailed information regarding the Omicron Cases In India, even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries related to the omicron cases then feel free to ask it by commenting below. We will try to answer all your questions and queries as soon as possible.

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