The mission of ESC is to achieve excellence in services provided to the exporters of electronic goods and components, computer software and related services

I. We Endeavor(I) To Efficiently serve

By attending to various communications promptly;
By providing detailed information/advice on export policies and procedures;
By providing full support to enable the exporters to increase exports;
By sponsoring market studies overseas to gather basic market intelligence and leads;
By promptly disseminating any information of use to the member;
By arranging / coordinating effective participation in relevant exhibitions / fairs / buyer-seller meets abroad;
By providing analyzed commercial information useful to the members for global opportunities;
By arranging interactive meetings of incoming IT Delegations from abroad with the exporters;
By sponsoring Indian IT Delegations overseas;
By presenting market access and other export promotion related issues / constraints to the Government for redressal;
By organising International Conferences in India to provide a unique forum for networking with foreign buyers;
By inviting members to suggest policy changes for improving trade;

(II) To be Helpful

By being courteous and cooperative;
By providing information regarding export procedures, incentives and other benefits;
By circulating information on tenders, product enquiries, trade fairs taking place overseas;
By circulation of the policies and notices of the Government promptly;
By assisting the exporters to receive financial assistance under the Market Development Assistance Scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry;

(III) We strive

To Bring excellence in services through an Information an Information & facilitation Counter at the Council;
To resolve the problems of the members through a pro-actively and timely approach;

(IV) We request Exporter

To enroll and pay membership fees and other dues in time;
To furnish annual export returns timely and regularly;
To actively participate in the Council’s multifarious export promotional activities overseas such as trade fairs, trade delegations, buyer-seller meets and publicity campaigns in large numbers;
To bring up promptly and clearly information on market access constraints, tariff and non-tariff barriers etc. if any;
To bring to our notice grievances, if any;
To give suggestions for improving the services by the Council;
To follow international trade regulations and avoid any controversy that may give rise to any trade dispute;
To honor and follow the prescribed policies and procedures.

PHD House, 3rd Floor, Ramkrishna Dalmia Wing, Opp. Asiad Vilage, New Delhi — 110016 (India)

Tel: 91-11-26510632, 26964463, 2695103
Fax: 91-11-26853412

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